1. KISS & DROP - Parents must be in class at all times for Baby Ballet. Parents may stay and watch for their child’s first lesson only if the child is in Pre-Primary (up to 6 yrs of age). After this level, it is expected that children be left in the care of the class teacher. Please remain outside until the end of class, when teachers will dismiss the students. If you are not present, your child will remain with the teacher. All parents must understand that this is a safety measure and we cannot have students (under 18 yrs old) leaving the dance class without adult supervision. We ask that all parents remain outside of the room and away from doors and windows, as this is distracting to the students.

2. PARENT VIEWING WEEK - If parents are allowed to stay for a lesson (Parent Viewing week) we ask to keep the noise level to a minimum and keep siblings closer to you to avoid distraction. It must be remembered that students are still in class and needs to learn and not be nervous or distracted. This will be held at the end of terms 1 and 2 only, an opportunity for parents to watch the class in its usual format.

3. ADVERTISING MATERIAL - KNK Dance School may on occasion take photos of your child either in class or on a performance day. These images remain the property of the school, and may be used for advertising purposes. By signing the enrolment form you are agreeing the above terms. Should you have a problem with these terms, please speak to the Studio Manager prior to signing, so an agreement can be settled upon.

4. WORKING WITH CHILDREN CHECK - Dancing is a physical activity that requires coordination, control of the skeletal and musculature structures, movement awareness and group participation. By signing the enrolment form, it is understood that KNK Dance School’s teaching staff may need to physically correct your child in order for them achieve the correct technique. Care is always taken to ensure our class environment remains relaxed and that our children feel secure and safe at all times. All teaching staff holds a current NSW police and working with children checks.

5. INJURY - In the unlikely event that your child sustains an injury whilst at dance class under the guidance of the teacher, KNK Dance School will require a certificate from the relevant physician before any insurance policy claims can be discussed. Any injury which does occur is documented by the class teacher and signed by the Studio Manager should a further issue arise.

6. FEES - Fees are payable by cash. Free trial is allowed for first time students in a class only.

7. CANCELLATION - Should you wish to discontinue dance classes with KNK Dance School, we require 4 weeks notice in writing to be submitted to the Studio Manager.

8. PLANNING A HOLIDAY - All dance classes must be paid for; KNK Dance School is not in a position to credit lessons. If you are planning a holiday during term time, you may opt to pay the casual class fee for the number of lessons attended.

10. NO REFUND - Terms are 9, 10 or 11 weeks in duration and coincide with NSW public schools. No refunds can be given for missed lessons. However, make up lessons will be provided and rescheduled ASAP if the problem falls with KNK Dance School.

11. UNIFORM ¬- Uniforms for ballet and jazz classes are compulsory, can be purchased at Target, Kmart, Best & Less, Bloch and Blockout, and can be purchased through, or any other reputable dancewear shop. Please see our uniform checklist for our full list of requirements. All ballet and jazz students are expected to wear the full and correct uniform inside the class.

12. GROOMING ¬- Grooming is an essential part of dancing; we ask that students come to class with hair in neat bun with fringes off the face for ballet, ponytail for girls and hair off the face for boys in jazz and hip hop.

13. MOST IMPROVED AWARD- Most improved awards will be handed out at the end of each term to 1 student from each class. This award is decided by the class teacher and is a symbol of hard work and dedication.

14. CONCERT - KNK Dance School is now holding annual concert on December. This is not compulsory, but should you and your child commit to this. The school asks that you do so understand the extra rehearsals and expenses (costumes) that are involved, and pay these by the due date.