Hip Hop Dance Classes

Hip Hop Dance Classes in Sydney

We are Sydney’s largest studio for hip-hop and street dance, focusing on fostering a sense of community, celebrating culture, and blending various dance styles. If you’re looking to learn dance for enjoyment, skill enhancement, and pure dance appreciation, you’ve come to the perfect destination. Our classes cater to all levels, from beginners to advanced, with a specialization in the dynamic realm of Hip Hop.

Pre School Hip Hop Dance

(3-5 years old) This class is perfect for students who have or would love to bring out their greater energy and would like to move and groove to the music. This is where they learn the newest and coolest street/trendy moves and some original hip hop dance steps.

Junior Hip Hop Dance

(6-8 years old)This class is perfect for beginner kids who would like to learn hip hop grooves and basic choreography. 

Advanced Junior Hip Hop Dance

(9-11 years old) This class is great for kids who would like to improve on the level of difficulty in choreography and musicality of the older junior class.

Intermediate Hip Hop Dance

(12-15 years old) This class is for students who can pick up choreography and would like to improve in musicality. 

Open Teens Hip Hop Dance

(13 -18 years old) This class is open for beginner to intermediate dancers who enjoy dancing hip hop and wanting to get better in choreography.

Advanced Hip Hop Dance

(16 years old +) This class is the highest hip hop class level. It is perfect for experienced students looking for musicality and choreography challenge.

Adult Beginners Hip Hop Dance

This class is open for beginner with no age limit and anyone who would like to practice basic hip hop choreography. 

Kommunity KNK Klasses

(15 years old +)This class is open for any experienced dancer with intermediate to advanced level and would like to improve their choreography. The class will be lead by different up and coming urban teachers from the adult crew of Kookies N Kream.

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